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Registration for short-term studies 2019/2020

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Organizational unit University of Warsaw
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There is currently no active phase.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (18.01.2021 10:52 – 19.01.2023 15:00)

A student nominated for short-term studies at the University of Warsaw by GFPS.

Course offer:

The University of Warsaw course offer is available at

Required documents:

  • University of Warsaw Application Form (signed and stamped by a representative of the applicant’s home institution)
  • Transcript of Records from recent studies or copy of the last achieved University diploma (issued in English or Polish)
  • Motivation letter
  • Language Certificate proving at least a B2 level of Polish or English
  • Scan of a passport or a national ID


for the first semester and/or full academic year – May 15th
for the second semester – November 15th

Late applications may be subject to rejection.

It takes up to three weeks for the application to be processed.

More information is available on the website of the International Relations Office

*GFPS is a network of non-profit student associations operating from 1984 in Germany (GFPS e. V), from 1994 in Poland (GFPS-Poland). The abbreviation GFPS, which is common for all the associations, comes from the original name of the German organisation – Gemeinschaft zur förderung der Studienaufenthalten in Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

GFPS-Polska is a student association dedicated to supporting cooperation and student exchange between Poland, Germany, The Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus. GFPS scholarships, financed by The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and donations, are awarded to outstanding students from partner countries. The basic requirement of the association is the social involvement of candidates, good academic results as well as knowledge of the Polish language and studying in Polish.